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K-AmericanEthics.gif American Ethics and the Virtuous Citizen: Basic Principles by Robert Grant Price: $18.95
By Robert Grant.
"This work is a synthesis of history, philosophy, and law. Grant explains the meaning and substance of the public morality of the American people as defined by both modern and historical state and federal laws and landmark court cases. For the benefit of a stronger, happier, and more just commonwealth, Grant calls upon all Americans to recognize and commit to those duties and virtues which are the hallmark of the dutiful and virtuous citizen."
Paperback - 175 pages.
American Ethics and The Virtuous Citizen: The Blessing of Liberty Robert Grant Price: $19.95
In his final work, the author provides the humanist moral grounding for the liberties we hold dear, including speech, press, assembly, association, sexual freedom, and the right to be free from arbitrary arrest. The book then broadens the case socially to support rights to health care and a basic education as well as the rights to marry and have children. Paperback, 327 Pages
K-AncientMyth.gif Ancient Myth and Modern Life Price: $16.95
By Gerald A Larue.
A fascinating excursion into the realm of Near East myth, whose ancient concepts of cosmology and immortality, and practices of prophecy and ritual are still evident in many of today's religions.
Paperback - 230 pages.
K-eyes_wide_shut.gif Eyes Wide Open Price: $24.95
George Erickson offers a semi-autobiographical anthology of new and published fiction and non-fiction. Stories like "Working Girl" and "Minnesota Trapper" address the human condition, while op-eds, including "Glenn Beck - Where Were You?" and "Why Horses Laugh, Single-Prayer Now!" speak truth to power while drawing on eperts ranging from Plato to George Carlin. Hardcover, 327 pages.
K-GenesisHumanist.jpg Genesis of the Humanist Manifesto - Edwin Wilson Price: $12.95
By Edwin H. Wilson
To tell the story of the document that crystallized the principles and ideals of contemporary Humanism is to tell the story of the origins of the movement itself. The 1933 publication of "A Humanist Manifesto," its impact on society, and the subsequent appeals for revision all comprise this chronicle of the development of American humanism, told by one of the people most responsible for its unfolding.
Paperback, 212-pages.
K-GoodwoGodbluecover.gif Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People DO Believe - Greg Epstein Price: $25.99
This provocative read is a 250-page hardcover book by Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard. Many devout Christians believe that without religion, people, being inherently evil, will begin a rampage of selfish behaviors and ultimately destroy society as we know it. An inspiring look towards an alternative to religion, Greg Epstein teaches us that this is untrue, and that we can lead good and moral lives without the unwanted side effects of religion. A definite must-have for the curious and committed alike, Epstein's words teach us that we are inherently Good Without God.
K-GreatQuotations.jpg Great Quotations on Religious Freedom - Albert Menendez and Edd Doerr Price: $19.98
Compiled and edited by Albert J. Menendez and Edd Doerr
This outstanding collection of memorable quotations on religious freedom - the most comprehensive ever assembled - covers many centuries of thought and a wide array of sources.
Paperback - 250 pages.
K-HumanismNextStep.jpg Humanism As the Next Step - Mary and Lloyd Morain Price: $10.00
By Mary and Lloyd Morain.
While there have been technical studies of humanism in the past, never before has there been such an authoritative, popular treatment of the whole field.
Paperback, 145 pages.
K-HumFuneral.jpg Humanist Funeral Service, A Price: $10.00
By Dr. Corliss Lamont.
In the quest for solace at a time of grief, one can turn to this non-theistic service for security, comfort, and purpose in accepting the finality of the loss of a loved one.
Booklet - 48 pages.
Humanist Wedding marriage Service ceremony Corliss Lamont atheist agnostic non-believers secular Humanist Wedding Service, A Price: $10.00
By Corliss Lamont
A complete wedding ceremony written by a longtime leader in the Humanist community. The 29 pages include a complete script for a ceremony, and many appropriate poetry selections.
Booklet, 29 pages.
K-judaism.jpg Judaism for Everyone Price: $32.50
Bernardo Sorj This in-depth look at Judaism analyzes the ways in which the religion and secular culture have evolved throughout history and continue to change for the future. Sorj promotes open dialogue and acceptance of diverse beliefs, and ultimately suggests that people of all cultures and varying degrees of faith can find a form of Judaism that suits them. Hardcover, 188 pages
K-LivingBillOfRights.jpg Living the Bill of Rights Price: $19.95
How to Be an Authentic American. By Nat Hentoff.
One of America's most passionate writers about civil liberties enlivens issues about The Bill of Rights by giving profiles of individuals for whom the Constitution is a vital part of life. Provides an invigorating and entertaining reminder of why freedom of expression matters, and what some heroic Americans have done to protect it.
Paperback , 236 pages.
Meyebela: My Bengali Girlhood Price: $26.00
Here the internationally famous exiled physician, feminist, humanist, human rights activist, and novelist provides her memoir of growing up female in the Muslim world. Published in 2002 to public acclaim across the spectrum, from Elle magazine to USA Today, it tells the gripping and dramatic story of her early life in Bangladesh, the nation that was once East Pakistan. Hardcover, 308 pages
K-OnePlanetOnePeople.jpg One Planet One People by Carl Coon
By Carl Coon, Former Ambassador to Nepal
In this succinct, highly readable overview of the evolution of human society, the author argues that the 21st century will witness a crucially important and difficult transition for the human race. Blending the disciplines of anthropology and evolutionary psychology with over thirty years of experience in the diplomatic corps, Coon traces the evolution of the human tendency to divide others into two groups, "us versus them." Today, he argues, we have reached a stage where the whole world must be viewed as "us," for only a united world community can cope with today's global challenges.
Hardcover, 149 pages.
k-outGodsCloset.gif Out of God's Closet Price: $18.95
This highly entertaining book is tough to put down! With humor and wit Dr. Uhl takes us on his life's journey from a Roman Catholic priest to an Atheist psychologist, providing a unique, thought-provoking perspective. Great for yourself, or try giving it to a fundie friend - it may just make them stop and think!
Paperback - 190 pages.
K-Public_Education.gif Public Education and the Public Good - Robert S Alley Price: $10.00
The distiguished historian from the University of Richmond traces the history of church-state seperation in the public school, explores the foundations of the First Amendment and warns readers not to be decieved by the renewed arguments for prayer in public schools. Paperback, 102 pages
K-ReligiousLiberty.jpg Religious Liberty and State Constitutions - Edd Doerr and Albert Menendez Price: $27.00
By Edd Doerr and Albert J. Menendez.
Examines the oft-overlooked differences between the constitutions of individual states and the U.S. Constitution, particularly in the area of church/state separation.
Hardcover - 117 pages.
K-Masefield.jpg Remembering John Masefield - Corliss Lamont Price: $12.95
Lamont gives readers insigh into Masefield's work, private life, and personsality in this collection of letters. Accompanied by Lamont's personal anecedotes, they paint a multidimensional picture of an intelligent, amusing, and talented man. Paperback, 128 pages
K-IllusionImm.jpg The Illusion of Immortality - Corliss Lamont Price: $12.95
By Dr. Corliss Lamont.
In clear and unflinching language, Dr. Lamont states the case for human mortality - the finality of death. But, he argues, the illusion of immortality is an affirmative vision, not a negative one.
Paperback - 303 pages.
k-lordNotOnTrial.gif The Lord Was Not on Trial Price: $18.00
The Lord Was Not on Trial... McCollum Ruling. Covers the landmark US Supreme Court decision in McCollum v. Board of Education. The original lawsuit arose as a challenge to a program of religious education classes held in public school buildings on school time. Today, the chief significance of the McCollum decision is that it was the first of a series of cases brought under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, whereby practices of local or state governmental bodies were held to be illegal as an establishment of religion.
Paperback - 250 pages.
K-NatureofGods.gif The Nature of the Gods and on Divination Price: $12.95
The eminent ancient Roman statesman and philosopher analyzes the positions of the Stoic, Epicurean, and Acadamic Schools on the existence and nature of the gods, and whether they act in the interests of humankind. Then various methods for divining the future are debunked, including astrology, which recieves the classic treatment. Paperback, 263 pages
K-PhilosophyHumanism.jpg The Philosophy of Humanism - Corliss Lamont Price: $16.95
By Dr. Corliss Lamont.
In a work that is a standard text and reference in the ongoing national debate that swirls around secular humanism, Lamont offers a vigorous argument for a philosophy that advocates happiness in this life rather than hope for a heaven in an afterlife.
Paperback, 371 pages.
K-Timely.jpg Timely and Timeless: The Wisdom of E. Burdette Backus Price: $14.95
Edited by Edd Doerr.
An anthology of the pulpit and radio addresses of E Burdette Backus - one of the most influential leaders and exponents of twentieth-century humanism and Unitarian Universalism, one of the original signers of Humanist Manifesto I, and the second president of the American Humanist Association.
Paperback - 251 pages.
K-VoxPopuli.jpg Vox Populi: Letters to the Editor - Edd Doerr Price: $9.95
By Edd Doerr.
Published letters of a great freethinker, an ideal resource for anyone wishing to write a "letter-to-the-editor".
Paperback, 93 pages.
K-tensermons.jpg What if the World went Humanist? Ten Sermons John Dietrich Price: $10.00
This collection of hour-long lectures, delivered by John H. Dietrich in the 1920s, provides an inspiring look into the formative years of humanism and why it remains so potent today. The enduring value of his thinking is no more clear than when he answers the question posed in his title lecture by saying, “It would simply mean that the whole of humankind had agreed to work under the banner that reads, ‘A better world for better people through better cooperation.’” Paperback, 112 pages
K-YesToLife.jpg Yes To Life: Memoirs of Corliss Lamont Price: $12.95
By Dr. Corliss Lamont.
Vividly recounts a lifetime devoted to humanism, civil liberties, and international peace.
Paperback, 275 pages.
K-EverythingIUnder.gif Everything I Understand about America I Learned in Chinese Proverbs Price: $16.95
Recipient of 2010 Humanist Pioneer Award and a former citizen of China, Wendy Liu presents 39 short essays, using 39 Chinese proverbs/sayings and 39 of her experiences/observations, and shares with you her perceptions of America and her search of an American identity, with a Chinese and nontheist, twist. Half of the proceeds for the sale of each book will be donated directly to the American Humanist Association! Paperback, 173 pages.
K-HumMagMA2014.jpg The Humanist Magazine, March/April 2014 Price: $2.00
The March/April 2014 Edition contains all of these hot topics:

Can Fracking Lead the Way To Clean Energy? THERE'S A PROVERB often attributed to Euripides that warns: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Ellen Harrison knows what the ancients were on about. In 2008, in a moment of what she now calls madness, the retired environmental scientist signed a lease to allow drilling on the...

A Redaction of Heroism OVER THE last few years the use of…

Kurt Vonnegut Survives Humanity IN HIS EIGHTY-FIVE spins around the sun, Kurt….

...and much more!

K-HumMagMJ2014.jpg The Humanist Magazine, May/June 2014 Price: $2.00
The May/June 2014 Edition contains all of these hot topics:

Paths to People

The Pathfinders have been to rural Cambodia, teaching English to children at dawn before they head off to the rice fields. We have sung science songs with students in Uganda while teaching them to use computers. In Ghana we have educated junior high school students about hygiene, HIV/AIDS, and menstruation....

The Benefit Corporation

Imagine, if you will, a paradigm shift to…

Papal Economics

Since its release on November 24, 2013, Pope…

The Materialist in Her Bathtub

The materialism of people in the United States…

Cosmopolitanism & Humanism I felt at home wandering the Taj Lifestyle…

...and much more!

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